Nusa Penida, Bali has famous with the beauty white sand beaches and other marine tourism. There are natural ecosystem in maritime tourism that large, cozy and offer many attractions for you. In this beach, you are able to explore the underwater beauty by doing activity such as snorkeling or diving. These two activities are most famous and interesting activities that makes you love to visit again. This is the most recommended place for you when you visit Bali for your holiday after the main coast Kuta, Tanjung benoa and Dreamland. To go to Toya Pakeh beach, you are able to buy passenger ticket ships with roro ferry that departs from Padangbai port. You also available to travel with ship and boat that take about 30-40 minutes, you also available to go from Sanur.

holiday in bali - toya pakeh beach

You can go with pleasure by attending the local yacht and enjoy the water activities such as fishing, snorkeling, diving and many more. Play with your children in white sand beaches, watch the activity from seaweed farmer, explore the beauty of coral reefs, and find the most interesting fish in deeper water sea. The parks coral that you are able to see in depth of 10-15 meter that give you attractive look of underwater city for fish gathering such as nudibranchs, lionfish, sunfish, reef sharks, and many more. If you follow diving activities, ensure that you guided with the local diving expert because the condition from underwater in Toya Pakeh is unpredictable.

If you Holiday in Bali or Travel in Bali do not forget to explore the Toya Pakeh heredity by following quicksilver crusie sailing tour that start from 9:15 morning from Marina bay at Nusa Penida and depart to Toya pakeh village. This cruising tour will guide you into the culture heritage in Balinese village, and when you travel with this cruise, you are able to see the deep panoramic water from their small submersible ship. The ship is provided with small windows that make you able to see the underwater and big tuna fish swimming around the ship.

In Toya Pakeh village, you are able to see the origin Balinese culture, the artisan Balinese craft, and you can watch for their traditional chicken fighting that heritage from their ancestor. When you visit Nusa Penida, there others tourism destination that you are able to visit such as visiting temples that most located in Nusa Penida. You can visit Trta Yatra, upgrading Dalem Ped, Pura Mastulan, Medahu Stone, Puser saab, Giri putrid cave and many more.

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