Bali is famous for the beach that pleasure to explore. There are white sand and black sand beaches that you can visit while you are in Bali such as the most famous beach, Kuta, Sanur, Senggigi, and many more, including Dream Beach Lembongan. This dream beach is heaven for surfer since this beach offer high waves that give sensation for surf sport. From amateur into professional surfer, this dream beach is the most favorite surfer beach because it has calm coastal that perfect for this sport. Located in three mainland outer island in Bali, Nusa Lembongan becomes the paradise for it is like for small piece from this Bali Island. The two others is Nusa Penida and Ceningan that also interesting and offer attractive water activities for you.

holiday in bali - dream beach lembongan

This is your best place if you want to spend your Holiday in Bali and want to enjoy the unique white sand beaches. The beauty and attraction in this place is similar and can compare with Kuta, tanjung benoa, and other famous attraction in Bali. With easy access to dream beach lembongan by using local yacht cruise, you are able to go with affordable cost. The virgin beauty from panoramic scenery of coast and hill makes the beach more interesting to visit. The village also earthly friendly and you can see for Balinese character culture in this inside tourism. The hills that dominated beach side and the mangrove forest becomes the attractive view for you. The eight square islands wide make you able to surround and explore the entire island without rent a car.

In this island, you will explore the entire attractions start from the Jungut stone beach, Semelek beach, gulf mushroom and sunset beach. Rent a villa or go to hotel that located near beach to enjoy the beach in sunset and morning. All with affordable price that give you unforgettable moment when you go to Bali that different from the famous one. When you visit this dream Beach Lembongan, you can continue by visiting Ceningan Island that you can access easily from landline.

holiday in bali - dream beach lembongan

To go to Ceningan Island, you just need to go into the bridge that connects these two islands. When you take picture, you can upload into your account immediately because this small island has internet access for you. The clear water beach make you are able to see the base level from the beach. You are also able to enjoy your meals in floating restaurant in this island.

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