Bali, the island of the God. A beautiful place with tons of tourism spots. Visiting Bali is like visiting heaven. Whatever you expect about tourism is here. From natural tourism to cultural tourism can be found easily here. But as usual, beach is the most popular part of Bali. Kuta and Sanur are just a few ones. There are more beaches in Bali. And impressively, some of them are still so natural and hidden. If you are looking for something new, there is one beach to know. And that is Green Bowl Beach or Bali Cliff Beach.

This is a hidden beach at Unggasan. Privacy is the sell value of this beach. People who expect for a private beach and want to enjoy the natural view, this beach will be the best choice. But since this is a hidden beach, reaching this beach will not be easy. It will be so difficult actually. But trust it, your adventure and Holiday in Bali are worth it.

Green Bowl Beach is not a large beach such as Kuta or Sanur. This is just a small beach that looks like a green bowl. When you visit this place, the location of parking area and the beach is pretty far. From the parking area, you need to down hundreds of stairs. Pretty exhausting, but it is pretty interesting. When you go down to the stairs, you will see an exotic view. An added value of your visit.
holiday in bali bali cliff beach

Visiting Green Bowl Beach is like visiting a hidden paradise. Even you can get a beautiful impression since the first visit. From the top side of the beach, you can see the beautiful green sea. But be careful, there are about 400 stairs to go through. You need to prepare yourself and prepare your energy to pass it.

The beach also has the beautiful waves. It will be a perfect spot for surfers. But please note this one. The waves and the character of the sea are very challenging. You have to be careful for this. But of course, you must be an expert or the experienced surfer to take this chance. Amateur is not recommended to surf in this beach.
Privacy is the best thing about this beach. You will never see many people in this beach. But this is why this beach can be a perfect place for sun bathing. Enjoying the sun, the quietness of the beach are just a certainty. Even it may be the best moment that you expect for your Travel in Bali.

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