Water Sport Activities

1. Parasailing one round USD $50/pax

Who want to try Parasailing, do not need to have expertise as a real paratrooper. Parachute that is used will be full by speedboat around the coast. Before you try the guides will give this game tourists an instruction. Starting from the introduction of the tools used, the standing position before the flight, the position at the time in the air, and what to do before landing.
Water Sport Activities Parasailing

2. Banana boat 15 minute USD $30/pax (min 2 pax)

The adventure ride on the Banana Boat is the most spectacular marine activities to explore the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa Beach in south part of Bali. This beach is featured by the calm seawater that ideally for marine sport activities and Banana Boat is one of the perfect choices to be experienced.
Water Sport Activities Banana Boat

3. Banana Tubing 15 minute USD $40/pax (min 2 pax)

Water Sport Activities Banana Tubing

4. Fly fish 2 Fly USD $40/pax (min 2 pax)

Flying Fish is a Water Sports tour package and the ultimate in speed and exhilaration the Flying Fish, during this water sports activity you will sit side of the tube fish and hold on tight and enjoy fly around Tanjung Benoa Beach.
Water Sport Activities Fly Fish

5. Jet Sky 15 minute USD $40/pax

Jet Ski is a Water Sports tour package to fell the enjoyable riding jet ski in Bali islands. Jet Ski is just like a motorcycle, the acceleration in a jet ski is provided by a hand powered throttle located on the right side grip.
Water Sport Activities Jet Sky

6. Water Sky 15 minute USD $50/pax

During water sports water ski you can stand upright while holding onto a tow rope and enjoy the fun and exciting moment of water sports activity.Water Ski is a water sports uses water ski board and pulled by the power boat to around beach area.
Water Sport Activities Water Sky

7. Wake Boarding 15 minute USD $50/pax

Wake Boarding is a surface water sports activity which involves riding a wakeboard in the water, this water sports activity of wakeboarding is new adventure and developed from a combination of water skiing, snow board and surfing techniques.
Water Sport Activities Wakeboarding

8. Turtle Island 1 hour USD $30/pax (min 2 pax)

Turtle Islands Tour is an exciting Bali Water Sports tour package to enjoy visiting a small island turtle conservation.
Water Sport Activities Turtle Island

9. Snorkling 1 hour USD $40/pax (min 2 pax)

You will use a shaped tube called a snorkel and explore the beauty of underwater world in tanjung benoa beach, enjoy watersports snorkeling for 60 minutes. Snorkeling is an water sports tour package to enjoy snorkeling in Bali islands.
Water Sport Activities Snorkling

10. Glass bottom boat 1 hour USD $40/ pax (min 2 pax)

Glass Bottom Boat is a water sports activity by ride a boat with section of transparent glass, the view is better than simply looking into the water from above.
Water Sport Activities Glass Bottom

All price include:

* Air conditioner,
* Transportation,
* Professional guide,
* Equipment.

Price exclude:


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